This page aims to empower you in your journey.
We all bridge certain challenges that we need to handle somehow, and here we share ideas to generate better and more positive energy, which boosts our lives to live the fullest.
Enabling personal growth by introduction to tools designed for increasing knowledge of yourself, your feelings, thoughts and actions. You can then question the truthfulness of your assumptions in order to make room for new opinions and values.
A playful exploration of studies related to positive psychology and personal growth including reviews, literary recommendations and introductions to historical and contemporary thinkers who have worked and are working for human development.
My own and other bloggers’ personal reflections and thoughts, opinions and experiences. This part is meant to be one point of view among many others. Teasers if you so will.

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Hello! I am Katayoun

I’m glad you found your way here. My purpose with this site is to spread information that contributes to your well-being while keeping conversations with you. I am therefore grateful for all comments, feedback, and requests.

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Experienced sounding board and support for your personal and professional goals


The positive effects of meditation. Why invest in personal development?

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