Cancer for the third time

I wasn’t quite sure I wanted to write about cancer. The fewer ties I have to cancer, the happier I am.

But the truth is that I am going through cancer treatment right now. Actually for the third time.

In my daily life I try to keep thoughts of cancer as far away as possible, but the treatments, extreme brain fatigue, the fact that I can’t work right now, physical side effects and many other factors are constant reminders of the disease.

I therefore decided to add a category to my blogs called “Dealing with Cancer”. Hopefully, my experiences can help another person with a similar diagnosis or someone’s relatives and friends. Unfortunately, when one person receives a difficult diagnosis, many are affected.

So let’s see which posts can possibly find their way into this category.

I myself am pretty sure that the main cause of my first and second breast cancer was extreme and persistent stress over a long period of time. Studies that I have previously read do not see stress as a direct cause of cancer, but some studies establish an indirect connection between stress and cancer. That is why I would like to explore several studies on the possible connection between long-term stress and cancer. Of course I will share the results with you.

I am convinced that most things that happen in our lives have positive aspects, even life’s difficulties. I am aware that it can be a controversial notion when it comes to illness and other misfortunes. But let’s put philosophy aside and be open to exploring any positive opportunities that life’s hardships may present.

As an example, I can mention how the cancer contributed to revealing several areas of improvement for me and hopefully helped me grow as a person. A cancer diagnosis is an example of a new and unexpected life situation that may require different qualities and skills from us than what is required under normal circumstances. Suddenly life is giving one, the opportunity to reflect because the body puts a stop to physical and social activities to varying degrees.

For example, it took me three breast cancer diagnoses to realise that I have prioritised myself and my interests last of everything and everyone. So this third cancer diagnosis has given me the gift of realisation that I need to take better care of myself in every way, both in how I treat myself and my resources and how I let other people and situations to treat me. I will therefore also write more about what secrets cancer reveals to me about me and how I try to use the insights as opportunities for growth and life improvements.

I will also share my other experiences and reflections related to cancer to the extent that may hopefully be of interest to you.

Please let me know what you would like to read about when it comes to cancer studies and my experiences dealing with cancer. Comment or email me at

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