Here you can find information about the services I offer in 2023: coaching, courses in personal development and webinars. All services are on hold during 2022 due to current illness and ongoing treatments.


During coaching, you and I work together, either with something you yourself have identified and want to work on or we work out the root causes of what holds you back in life. I assist you so that you can choose how you want to handle your challenges based on your life situation and conditions.

Courses in personal development

The basic course is carried out in the form of workshops one holiday per week for a month, a total of 4 occasions.

We work actively to get to know ourselves and discover our strengths and weaknesses by using four tools that are introduced during the course, namely meditation, self-observation and dream journal and diaries.

Each of us is expected to work daily and individually during the weekdays with tasks that you are given at each workshop.


Keep an eye out for upcoming webinars in 2023.

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