The Sorrow

The sadness has taken over

Acing heart

Emotions are filling my acing body

I’m crying


I suppose to be an adult

I should stand with a straight back and a firm grip on the present

But first I will cry

First I’ll get to be small

First I will be helpless

Calling on death and taking it back, erase, rewind

Because it is not time for dying

Because I want to live and I want to live well

No one left to pull the rudeness ear

And correct the wrong doings

I have to grow up and I have to live and I have to be strong

But first I will cry

First I will be small and helpless

First I will pray, pray, pray

For peace, dignity and, if I dare, also for joy

For the ones I love

The old ones who loved and protected

The departed who embraced, held hands, loved and deserved

and left their bodies

I’m going to cry, cry, cry

Then I will stand up, dust myself off and be an adult, strong, wise.

But first let me cry, cry, cry

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