You want me well, and I want your happiness

You want me to rejoice and I want your health

You want me the world and I want you everything

Because we share friendship

The thought of you opens my heart

My laughter wakes your body up

We are always close, just one thought away

The angels are with us whenever we meet


our souls dance when we see each other

When we cry, we hold hands

When we laugh, we hug tight

Your plans are my dreams

My ambitions are your wishes

Because I want you all and you want me everything

You are my champion when I need one

I’m your will to live when yours is gone

The whole is fitted in our friendship

Trust is present in every breath

Meeting you feels like sitting by the fire

Talking to you warms me like the summer sun

Because we share friendship

You may be an angel, a human or a cat

You are my riches and I am your treasure

I hold you tenderly like a bird in my hands

You caress me softly across the cheek like a newborn baby

To hurt you is to hurt me

To accuse you is to lie to myself

Because we are one and indeed we know that

You can be you and I can be me

We met long before we were born,

Our souls remember the beginning

I take care of you

You hold me dear

and in love

we are safe to share everything

Because we share friendship

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