The Calling

The power that resides in a calling that is answered,

grabs hold on you into an euphoric swing.

Every little part that falls into place,

becomes a promise of the greatness of everything.

The desire to lift the foot of the will

and to put it down in the next breath

One step is born

and the longing for the next step

is found in every small part of the body.

The break is tenderly cared for

and enjoyed to the utmost

for it is the wonder of being.

Like a longing for the next breath

the reflection takes place

and breeds new desire

for the next step.

Happiness belongs to the one who listens to the song of the heart

and sings back

the most beautiful love song.

Tell me about your longing

beautiful heart

for the divine whisper to all of us by your desires.

Then mother earth repairs its wounds

and people find their way home again

to that calm

and that love

that we are.

The balance is restored

and everything in creation finds its way home again

to their given

and outermost places.

The earth can rest again in its magical orbit

and man

can extend his helping hand

to oneself

and to all that is

and to everything that will be.

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