Self-love creates well-being in us as individuals. It balances and heals our relationship with our surroundings. Love is powerful, purifying and creative. True self-love can be achieved by getting to know our own greatness beyond our physical bodies and surroundings. We are infinite and one with everything else. We are the flowers, the fruit trees, we are mountains and valleys, we are angels and masters, yes, we are godlike. Everything fits within us. How can we not be fascinated and indulge in our greatness? There is so much within us to discover, explore and love.

If we love ourselves, we avoid the trifles and the drama of everyday life. If we see the beauty in ourselves, we can recognise the beauty in everything else as well. A person who has found self-love does not compromise with the desires of hers or his soul. She keeps the course and the direction because she knows that it is an act of love with the whole. It is a declaration of love, to oneself and to all who come in contact with it. It works for everyone’s best and invites to well-being without being forced or demanding.

Everyone recognise the purity and strength of the pure desire that seeps out through the heart, and they can in turn reflect their desires in it. The energy of self-love is relentless and also soft and inviting. It is immune to demands based on ego or fear. And it is generous and reinforces the true desires of other souls.

When we have cultivated self-love in our own hearts, we are able to create true loving relationships where others who also act from their hearts. We lose the need to own and control the reality of others. Our meetings become pure magic where joy and creativity prevail. We become able to express our love, towards ourselves, our children and pets, our partners, friends and colleagues, parents and siblings, our neighbours, the man on the other side of mother earth, the sun and the moon and everything that fits into our consciousness and everything that will enter our lives.

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